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Biden time to Trump the Cannabis Racket

Biden time to Trump the Cannabis Racket

5 more states legalised cannabis at the start of the month with more expected to follow suit in the wake of Biden tentatively taking the office from the incumbent Trump. Montana, New Jersey, South Dakota, Arizona, and Mississippi have all decriminalised medicinal or recreational cannabis. 


Although the election isn’t technically over, it would take a miracle for Trump to hold onto office at this stage, however judging from his stance on Climate Change, it wouldn't be the first time he has denied the blatantly obvious. 


Biden’s is aligned with decriminalisation and Kamala Harris preferring total legalisation, in line with the view of the general public. The hope now is that we will see more reputable companies backing the ‘green wave’ and doing a part to ensure economic stability.


The status quo is far from settled and predictions are in the UK of having to re-skill some two thirds of the population by 2030, we can only hope that our government will follow suit and look to lower restrictions on growing and manufacturing cannabis based products. 


In Guernsey it is legal to grow cannabis for producing CBD based products which can be sold in the UK with a less than 0.2% THC level. But as time progresses and things look less certain our government should consider lowering restrictions here too, and allowing us to home grow products to sell. 


The concern is as foreign nations become more effective at mass production of hemp and cannabis, we in the UK could be left in the dust and unable to catch up, meaning it would be more cost effective to import from another country instead of having our own infrastructure. 


GW Pharmaceuticals have the only UK licence to grow cannabis which concerningly gives them a significant head start if we see changes in legislation or decriminalisation in the UK. As time progresses it will only become more difficult for independents to enter the market and compete with the giants.