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How Quickly Does CBD Work?

How Quickly Does CBD Work?

Depending on what you take CBD for and how you take it will alter the time it takes to have an effect. Some evidence suggests that the benefits from taking CBD are most noticeable after consuming it daily for around 3 weeks. 

For quick relief Vaporizing has been shown to have great bioavailability and the fastest delivery of CBD into the bloodstream. 

CBD oil when ingested can take 45 minutes to a couple of hours to reach your bloodstream with a slow release through the day also making Tablets and Capsules popular as they allow you to swallow the CBD without tasting it! 

Sprays or Sublingual delivery is a great middle ground. Better bioavailability than simply ingesting the CBD. Simply allow for a few minutes for the oil to sit under your tongue or in your cheek, and the CBD will slowly release for several hours after being swallowed. 

Topical CBD products such as muscle creams and rubs will work differently, they often have other products mixed with them that provide cooling or heating effects that will begin working instantly, and the CBD will reach your endocannabinoid system from permeating the skin instead of traveling through your bloodstream. 

Many customers take a dual approach. For example a daily supplement and then a vaporiser or topical product to deal with more acute problems. We suggest that, as everybody is unique and has individual needs from CBD, you find your own path and what may work for your friends and family may be differently suited to you. 

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