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Endocannabinoid system

Endocannabinoid system

How does CBD Work? And the “What’s-a-Cannabinoid system?”


CBD interacts with a system called the Endocannabinoid system. Although we only discovered this system a few decades ago, it evolved around 500-600 million years ago and it exists in all living animals. This system is responsible for multiple complicated functions relating to homeostasis. This is a term that loosely describes the way our body retains balance after changes to our environment. 


The ECS is responsible for relieving pain, reducing inflammation, causing euphoria and hunger, stress, anxiety and depression management, positive memory balance and much more.  

CBD, along with the other hundred or so cannabinoids, can either bind with your ECS or alter the way that it operates. CBD in particular has been shown to reduce many of the negative effects associated with the psychoactive chemical found in cannabis, THC and ingesting CBD along with the other cannabinoids, in some studies, has shown to improve the beneficial effects of each chemical and offer greater clinical scope. For further information read about the Entourage Effect.


There is currently research towards finding a 3rd receptor which we have observed affecting blood pressure and inflammation, but not via the first 2 receptors which have been identified. Some studies suggest that Molecule GPR18 is a cannabidiol receptor, however is currently inconclusive. Other studies suggest Molecule GPR55 being the elusive 3rd receptor but as of today there still has been no official reclassification.


This is complicated further by the fact that another possible cannabinoid receptor has been discovered in the brain suggesting that there may be at least two more cannabinoid receptors to be discovered. GPR119 has been suggested as a fifth possible cannabinoid receptor.


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