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Depressive episodes affect nearly 4% of the UK based on a 2014 survey and for anyone who hasn't suffered from it may struggle to imagine how it can transgress from a low mood to affecting your daily life, and the devastating consequences when it does.


The effects it can have can be manageable until they begin to cascade and can knock on to other areas of your life. Changing the way people might treat you and also worsening other symptoms that could be having an effect on you at the time and it’s own symptoms such as fatigue, sleep, physical and emotional wellbeing and poor cognitive ability. 


Studies have been conducted on mice and rats to see how CBD affects their mood and the results were quite positive seeing improvement in depression along with anxiety, OCD and PTSD.


Our understanding of taking CBD to treat depression is limited, we always recommend talking to a medical professional about any particular condition and also whether CBD may affect any other medication you may be taking. 

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