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A study was conducted in 2013 about mental health in the UK and anxiety affects around 8% of the population making it the most common type of mental disorders, affecting twice as many women as men.

A small study of 10 sufferers of social anxiety disorder were given CBD. It was noticed that some areas of the brain had decreased activity and other parts increased. Although this was a small study and larger groups need to be tested, it was associated with significantly decreased subjective anxiety from the test group. 

Another study was conducted involving a Simulated Public Speaking Test with 57 healthy male adults, where they were asked to talk in front of a camera while recording heart rate, blood pressure and skin conductance. The group was split into 4 and were administered a placebo and 3 different strengths of CBD. It was discovered that the group who responded the most positively had received a medium strength dose compared to placebo, low and high strength. Suggesting that more research needs to be done to explore the accurate therapeutic dose ranges of CBD for each clinical condition.

Positive results have been seen with CBD and treating generalized anxiety and depression, panic disorder, seasonal affective disorder, post traumatic stress disorder and obsessive compulsive disorder. The later 2 are technically no longer considered anxiety disorders, however both have symptoms which centre around anxiety.

We of course recommend anyone suffering from anxiety to consult a medical professional about their condition and whether or not taking CBD could affect any other medication you may be taking.

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