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What is Sublingual Delivery? 


There are many different ways to ingest CBD oil, but few offer the benefits of placing a few drops under your tongue. 

A study was conducted on animals to monitor the absorption processes with CBD and it was discovered that placing a delivery method into the mouth resulted in a low release of CBD at higher levels than ingestion can, and also that the chemicals were able to continue to slowly release for several hours after it was removed.  

The downside is you would need to hold the oil under your tongue for a little while, 5-15 mins, to allow it to be absorbed and given that most oils are unflavoured, it can be a slightly earthy unpleasant experience for some people. There are flavoured oils on the market for anyone who is really not keen! But it goes without saying the benefits are worth the un-enjoyable experience. 

Any CBD oils can be absorbed this way but of course there is always the old fashioned route which is to swallow the product and let your stomach do the job, especially fine if you're in a rush in the morning but bare in mind that when you do this, an amount of the CBD will be lost in your metabolism. This is known as bioavailability which I have written about in this article

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