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CBD Infused Food and Drink


What are the benefits of Cooking with CBD?


Some people will add CBD Oil to their home cooking which is fantastic especially if you're a pro baker and know how best to utilise the flavour with the ingredients in your pantry.

This is brilliant as it means you can have a full spectrum product in your diet, and all the benefits that come with it, however there are other ways you can have CBD in your diet without needing to make everything from scratch.


What if I don't like the Taste of CBD?


It's no secret that cannabis and hemp plants are not to everybody's taste! Known for being an earthy, slightly bitter, grassy flavour, however there are many ways you can have your cake and eat it

Many products on the market contain isolated CBD which means you don't even need to taste the product at all. There is a broad range of food and drinks that are infused with CBD isolate, so the hemp or cannabis used in the product is completely flavourless, and normally free from THC.


What's the most popular way to eat CBD?


There are many great ways to eat or drink CBD, most people are aware of Gummies as a fun easy way to consume CBD, but now we’re seeing infused products coming to the market which include honey, nuts and chocolate, as well as coffee, tea and soft drinks. Liquids tend to make their way into your system slightly quicker than foods.

Most of these are nicely dosed and easy to measure so we recommend starting with a low dose and slowly working your way to an ideal amount. 

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